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Now only £29.95 per square metre!

The Siena Range is a beautiful contemporary range, in warm colours that will enhance any garden. 
Thickness: 20mm
Size: 32 Piece Pack ( 800 X 800 mm ) - 20.50m²
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  • Express delivery / 3 days / 25 pounds per pallet.
  • Standard shipping / upto 10 days.
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Installation Guidelines


Before any work is carried out, each piece of natural stone should be inspected, both wet and dry, prior to laying as pieces will vary. No returns can be accepted once the product is installed, so it is important to confirm you are happy with your product before proceeding. When work begins, ensure the area is cleared of all vegetation and debris. Then, ideally using a scaled drawing of your planned area, you can start plot pointing by marking out the space using pegs and a string line.

Dig the ground to a depth of approximately 150mm below the finished patio level (or 200mm deep below the finished driveway level), making sure the soil is compact.

In the now excavated area, spread a layer approximately 100mm deep of hardcore (or 150mm deep for driveways). Remember to leave room for the thickness of the flags and 30-50mm of mortar. Compact the layer of hardcore thoroughly, ideally using a plate compactor. Foundations must not be laid on water saturated ground as they may sink in time, creating uneven paving. Extra drainage may be required.

Once happy with the layout, using your line and pegs as a reference, you can start laying your flags down on a full bed of slightly wet mortar mix 30-50mm deep. For the mortar mix we advise 1 part cement to 5 parts sharp sand (some contractors use a 50/50 mixture of building and sharp sand). All products must be laid on a full bed of mortar, especially when laying a driveway. A full bed of mortar is key to help reduce moisture transparency or discolouration, as well as to provide a solid base for the patio.

An SBR bonding agent is an adhesive, waterproof barrier that should be used to help the slabs adhere to the mortar bed and can be used in conjunction with our Slurry Primer. Only requires water to mix, see page 146 for details, (or a Slurry Primer mix using cement powder, water and an outdoor based SBR bonding agent to a creamy consistency) that is to be painted onto the back of each slab with a thickness of 1-2mm before laying when using natural stone (see overleaf for specific advice on laying porcelain). Use a rubber mallet to gently tap down the flags and a spirit level to check the patio is uniformly level, being careful to check you follow your slope level as you go along. To provide suitable run-off during wet weather, a fall angle must be considered. Falls must be angled away from buildings or structures at an incline of 1:60 or steeper. An adequate drainage outlet source should be present at the end of the patio’s run off edge. A planning officer may need to be consulted for further advice. It is important to note that Global Stone products are not designed to be butt jointed, and a suggested joint of approx 10mm should be used. For products with an aged finish we suggest to increase the joint size accordingly in order to accommodate for any potential variations in edges (between 15 - 20mm approx).

Once the main area of the patio is laid down and there are slabs that need cutting, in the case of natural stone a disc cutter with a suitable attachment or a hammer and chisel is needed to shape your flags effectively (please see our porcelain laying advice overleaf for specific guidance on cutting porcelain tiles). Once happy with the shapes of the now cut flags, you may lay them down (refer to step 4) on a full bed of slightly wet mortar mix. Using a rubber mallet, gently tap down the flags and use a spirit level to check for a uniform flatness (taking into account a fall).

Once the patio has been fully laid, ideally allow a few days for the mortar to set. There are several ways of sealing the joints between paving slabs – the installer must determine the most appropriate method to use. Some use a cement based mortar mix and so create a solid, inflexible joint. Others use a modern jointing compound that brushes in and hardens with contact with the air, commonly known as paving jointing compound. See the porcelain laying guide overleaf for specific porcelain laying instructions. When using any jointing products always follow manufacturer’s instructions.


Ensure that you check your product before laying – we recommend
dry laying a random selection of your tiles (from more than one pallet where applicable) to ensure that you are satisfied with the colour variation in the tiles. Claims or returns based on colour variation will not be accepted once the product has been laid. Ensure that whilst working with porcelain tiles that they are rested on wooden battens to prevent any edge chipping.

Prior to installation, all necessary ground work should becompleted. This includes ensuring there is a sub-base of at least
50 – 100mm thick of type 1 material (hard-core) which has been
sufficiently compacted down, with a suitable water drainage fall
(a fall of 1:60 is usually adequate).

Apply Global Stone Universal Slurry Primer (or a Slurry Primer mixed using cement powder, water and an outdoor based SBR bonding agent to a creamy consistency) to the back of each tile before it is laid to help the paving adhere to the bed. Paving slabs may need to be handled by 2 people (in particular the larger sized slabs). When applying slurry primer, ensure that you rest the tile on wooden battens to prevent any chipping.

Global Stone’s Universal Slurry Primer only requires 7L of water per 20kg bag to produce a creamy consistency. Once mixed apply 1-2 mm to the back of the slab.


Before applying the slurry primer, using a stiff brush, brush the back of the tile to clean off the magnesium oxide releasing agents, this will create the bond of the slurry primer to the porcelain paving. Paint each tile with slurry primer as you lay them, not all at once before you begin laying. The slurry primer on the back of the tile must still be wet when it is laid down, therefore you should not prime all slabs first before you start laying. This will ensure that the tile adheres to the mortar bed correctly. If any slurry primer is on the face-up side of the slab, immediately wash away the residue with water as you work. For more information on our Universal Slurry Primer Pro please see page 146.


Just like our natural stone products, Global Stone porcelain must be laid on a full wet bed of mortar. We recommend a mixture of a moist consistency (rather than runny) with approx. 4:1 sharp sand to cement.


It is essential that each tile is tapped down to ensure as much of the tile as possible comes into contact with the mortar. When laying your project, ensure that you mix tiles to achieve an overall blended appearance. While the finishes of porcelain have less surface variation than natural stone, they are still designed with a level of variation to add a range of texture to their surface. If within the selection of tiles you encounter any repeat patterns, we suggest that you rotate slabs 90/180 degrees in order to minimise the appearance of repetition (this may be more prevalent in tiles which have a more extensive surface pattern. Don’t half bond porcelain tiles over 600mm long. We recommend maximum one third/two thirds bond for tiles over 600mm.

Porcelain can be cut with a disc cutter fitted with a suitable for-porcelain diamond blade (this must be a petrol disc cutter as you must feed the disc with water to cut). However, for neater and more accurate cutting, we recommend using a suitable water-fed tile bridge saw. Ensure that appropriate protective clothing is worn while operating machinery.


Allow for 10-12mm+/- approx joints when laying the tiles. We suggest an outdoor jointing compound (suitable for porcelain) should be used with our porcelain products – please speakto your merchant or landscaper for the most appropriate jointing compound for your project. As previously stated, Global Stone porcelain products are not designed to be butt jointed.

It is particularly important to work cleanly when laying porcelain, both during and after installation. Once the job is completed, additional cleaning may be required if any residue remains, particularly from jointing compounds. Ensure that the jointing compound has set sufficiently and then clean the tiles with a suitable residue remover (depending upon which jointing compound has been used). Any residue left over from the laying process must be removed as soon as possible – failure to do so may result in staining on the surface of the tiles. If your porcelain has been laid in conjunction with any natural stone, ensure that the porcelain cleaner/residue remover you are using does not contain any acid and check they are suitable for porcelain. Any cleaners containing acid will cause damage to natural stone.


These should be dry laid before final positioning on a full bed of mortar, starting from the centre of the circle outward.


A minimum of 150mm compressed hardcore foundation must be used before laying products for a driveway (only suitable products to be used). It is essential that products are laid on a full bed of wet mortar for driveways. If you are unsure in anyway about how to lay a driveway then please consult your landscaper or call the Global Stone sales team for advice on best practice.

Calibrated products are subject to a minimum of +/-3mm variation. Due to the composition of natural stone, colour variations may occur after installation.

Some delamination (when riven parts of the stone flake off) may occur after laying – this is perfectly normal and tends to happen near the riven part of the slab.

As with all Global Stone products the spot-laying method is not suitable – always use a full bed of mortar.

All Global Stone products are designed for domestic landscaping use. Contact us for information on commercial projects. Ensure driveway laying guidelines are followed.


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Laying Patterns
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Delivery Vehicle

The delivery of large and heavy items like paving is conducted to the kerbside using a large vehicle equipped with a tail-lift for unloading. It is crucial to inform us during the ordering process if the size of this vehicle is not suitable for your location. In some cases, we might be able to arrange a smaller vehicle upon request, though additional charges may apply. 

Delivery Access 

To ensure successful delivery, it is essential that the roads leading to your address have a solid surface and are accessible by a large delivery vehicle. Additionally, the route and your delivery location should be clear of any obstructions, such as overhanging trees or cables. This will enable smooth and unobstructed passage for the delivery vehicle. 

Delivery Drop Point 

The location where your delivery is to be made must be a flat, level area with a hard surface, such as concrete or tarmac. It is important to note that surfaces like grass, earth, and gravel are NOT suitable for delivery. Please be aware that the delivery will be made to the kerbside only, utilizing a manual pump truck. We do not offer any HIAB/Crane offload. 

Acceptance of Goods Delivery 

Upon delivery, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect your goods and make a note of any visible damages on the driver's documentation. In the majority of cases, it is advisable to accept the delivery, even if there are a few instances of breakages. 

Pallet Delivery

All paving pallets are substantial and weighty. After delivery, it becomes your responsibility to handle the goods. It is crucial to open pallets from the top rather than the sides and ensure an even removal of the goods from the centre of the pack to prevent any tipping. Pallets are generally sized at 1200mm x 1000mm and will weigh no more than 1000kg. 

How long does delivery take? 

With most orders of paving delivery timescales are advised at the point of order. All products on our website show an indicative delivery schedule, so it's best to refer to this for more product-specific information. 

Do you Guarantee Delivery Schedules? 

While we strive to make every possible effort to adhere to the scheduled delivery time, it's important to note that we cannot provide a guarantee for the exact delivery schedule. Although the majority of deliveries arrive on time, any failure to deliver within the specified timeframe does not constitute a breach of contract. We regretfully cannot offer compensation or bear any direct costs arising from delays caused by our third-party haulier. 

Do you Guarantee Delivery Schedules? 

While we strive to make every possible effort to adhere to the scheduled delivery time, it's important to note that we cannot provide a guarantee for the exact delivery schedule. Although the majority of deliveries arrive on time, any failure to deliver within the specified timeframe does not constitute a breach of contract. We regretfully cannot offer compensation or bear any direct costs arising from delays caused by our third-party haulier. 

To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend refraining from making arrangements with contractors or equipment hire until your goods have arrived and been thoroughly checked. It is essential to ensure the safe and satisfactory delivery of your items before proceeding with any further arrangements. 

When will I know when the goods have arrived? 

After placing your order, you can expect to receive communication from the delivery company once your goods have progressed through the delivery network and reached the nearest depot to your location. Please note that this process may take a couple of days from the day you placed your order. If you do not hear anything for a few days, there is no need to worry, as the actual delivery day is typically scheduled once the local depot begins its scheduling process. 

Will I know the exact time of delivery? 

Our reliable hauliers typically carry out deliveries within the timeframe of 8am to 6pm on your selected delivery day. While some of our hauliers offer tracking services, it's important to note that not all of them do. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a precise delivery time in such cases. 

Is it necessary for me to be present at home to receive the delivery, and will the driver need any assistance? 

Yes, you need to be at home, drivers will not leave goods unattended.  

Any booked-in deliveries that have failed due to access or homeowner not being present will be subject to a redelivery charge, this is dependent and may vary, not limited to but include the size of the order and/or number of pallets. 

We recommend checking the delivered items and reporting any issues to us as soon as possible, preferably within a maximum of 7 days. If the driver encounters challenges accessing your property or leaving the goods in a safe location while you are not at home, they may decide to abort the delivery. In such cases, any redelivery arrangements would be at your expense. It's essential to ensure that the driver can offload the goods quickly upon arrival at your property, as any delays may incur waiting costs. 

Typically, the driver will handle the delivery without requiring assistance. However, there may be certain circumstances where driver assistance is needed. Here are a few examples: 

Heavy pallets: With natural stone paving, the expected weight may vary due to the density of the stone. In such cases, the driver may request your manual assistance in unloading some of the materials from the pallet.  

Access restrictions: If there are any access limitations, such as a car blocking the dropped kerb required for offloading, the driver may ask you to move the vehicle if it belongs to you or contact the neighbour who owns it. If the roads leading to your property are not suitable for a large 18-tonne vehicle, please inform us of the directions the driver should follow to gain access. 

Directions: Sometimes, the driver may need assistance in locating your property. In such instances, they may call you for guidance. As mentioned earlier, being available to provide such information can help prevent the need for redelivery on a different day, which could result in additional charges for you. 

Will all goods arrive together? 

In most cases, all large goods will be delivered together as a single shipment. However, smaller items will always be dispatched separately using a smaller courier service. Rest assured, if there are components of your order that are scheduled to arrive separately, we will make it a priority to inform you in advance. 

Should I Inspect the Goods Whilst the Driver Waits? 

It is advisable to unwrap the plastic packaging and inspect the goods before signing to confirm their satisfactory condition upon arrival. In the event of any damages, it is important to make a note of them on the driver's paperwork and promptly report them to us. If you are unable to examine the goods while the driver is present, it is recommended to sign as 'possible damage' as a precautionary measure. 

What is the procedure in the case of breakages? 

Given the nature of the goods and the distance they travel, there is a possibility of encountering a few broken slabs. In most instances, these broken slabs can still be utilized for smaller cut pieces required for your project. It is customary to account for this by allowing an additional 10% above your calculated requirements to accommodate any necessary offcuts. Generally, any broken slabs will be included within this 10% calculation. If you receive a substantial quantity of broken slabs, please inform us within 7 days of delivery via email, providing clear photographic evidence whenever possible, ideally depicting the damaged goods within their original packaging. We will make every effort to replace the damaged items or provide a refund accordingly. 

Can the goods be delivered onto my Driveway? 

Normally your goods will be delivered to the kerbside, which means they will be unloaded on the road next to the kerb. The driver, with your permission, may choose to move the goods closer to your property if feasible. However, it is essential that the ground is level and firm, such as tarmac or concrete, to ensure a safe and smooth delivery process. 

Can I return the goods if I don’t want them? 

We can accept returns, subject to the following conditions: 

• The goods should be returned in their original condition and packaging, identical to how they were delivered to you. 

• Returns must be made within 14 days of delivery 

• You are responsible for any expenses related to the return of the goods. Typically, this cost exceeds £160.00 per paving pallet, but the exact amount may vary. Please get in touch with us to have a detailed discussion and make arrangements for the return. 

Can I cancel my order? 

You have the option to cancel your order free of charge as long as the goods have not been dispatched. It's important to be aware that if the goods have already been dispatched prior to your cancellation, you will be responsible for the costs associated with returning the pallets to the supplier. The return charge typically exceeds £160.00 per pallet, but the exact amount may vary depending on the courier. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Do your prices include VAT? 

All prices listed on our website already include a 20% VAT, ensuring that there are no unexpected additional costs when you proceed to checkout. 

Can I pay on delivery? 

Regrettably, we are unable to provide the option to pay on delivery as costs are accrued once your goods have been dispatched.