Application of Ultimate Porcelain Grout

When choosing grout for your porcelain paving. we recommend the use of the ultimate paving and wailing tile ground. This product is highly flexible, has an anti MO technology unit and it can be used for joints between three millimeteres and 15 millimeters.

Choosing the Right Installer

From a country it loves its gardens, you are about to embark on a journey to put in your perfect garden. You're gonna be able to plan the kind of materials your're gonna wanna put into that.

Choosing your Patio-Things to consider

Choosing your location for your patio is gonna be the most important thing you'll do. right now I'm standing in a self facing location. When it comes to in your choosing your patio and your landscaped area, you might need to consider whereabouts in your garden.

Choosing your Paving and Layout Options

The best part of creating your patios is the choice of material. it is the most fun part and with so much to chose from not just in the actual material type, even the way in which they're installed.

Health and Safety Basics

As with any practical task, especially in our industry of laying patios and paving area, you've gotta keep yourself safe it's a fundamental fact and it's no difficult in the situation, So here's a few little tips of what you need to consider when you are installing.

Hints and tips Golden Rules

So let's give you a few hints and tips to achieve the best out of your patio project. When you've chosen your materials. Remember allow a five to 10% over order so you can secure having enough materials.

How to Apply Temporary Sealer

Before we can apply the ultimate one coat temporary sealer, we all need to remove the Reds all of the spaces when applying the ultimate One coat Temporary Sealer. Use Alin free cloth and run it along the line of the joint either side.

How to Apply Ultimate Joint Compound to Natural Stone

So when we are applying our universal paving joint compound. we have to wet the surface and get all the joints thoroughly soaked this ensures that there is a nice smooth process for the compound to be swept across into the joints. The ultimate universal paving joint compound comes in a variety of colors.

How to Calculate Labour,Subbase Materials and Finished Surface Costs

When your're flicking through these magazines, you're gonna wanna think. what can i afford?what's available to me well , choose your material, see what it is you want, make it with the garden style you have, and then you can sit down and come up with some form of calculation.

How to Apply Ultimate Universal Joint Compound to Porcelain Paving

The ultimate universal joint compound is effective in both natural stones and on porcelain, and we're gonna show you how to use that on this porcelain surface for the application of the paving joint compound, you are gonna need a broom, some clean water trail. and an application trail.

How to Cut Porcelain and Natural Stone

In the process of creating your patio, you're gonna have a very high chance of needing to do some cuts using different machinery for the different type of materials you might be installed, We're gonna go through some of those cover cutting of porcelain.

How to Fix and Use Stainless Steel Trim and Corners

I am gonna introduce you to our stainless steel trim range for porcelain paving, This enables you to create contemporary finsishes just for edging steps, and if you want to put any curves or shapes within your porcelain.

How to Install Natural Stone and Porcelain Cladding

Using the ultimate universal paving and wall cladding adhesive is ideal for fixing force in patio tiles, natural stones to external bases and walls. You'll require a bucket, clean water, electric drill or paddle, and your safety p p p e for mixing directions. For the universal paving and cladding adhesive.

How to Install Porcelain setts

Using the ultimate universal paving and wall cladding adhesive is ideal for fixing patio tiles natural stones to external bases and walls. You'll require a bucket, clean water, electric driller paddle, and your safety p p e for mixing directions for the universal paving and wall.

How to Lay a Circle Stone Kit and Clay Brick Path

So here we are laying a natural stone patio and the key thing about a natural stone patio is that nothing is consistent all of the colors will be variety and changing from pinks, grays, sometimes greens. With this product, it's come from what we call a project pack comes with multiple sizes and the color are all mixed together.

How to Lay Natural Stone Patio

Using the ultimate universal paving and wall cutting adhesive us ideal for fixing patio tiles natural stones to external bases and walls You'll require a bucket, clean water ,electric drill. or paddles and your safety p p e for mixing directions for the universal paving and wall cutting adhesive.

How to Mix Walling and Tile Adhesive

We are gonna demonstrate how to prepare your base ready for you to lay your patio, be it in porcelain or in natural stain both processes are exactly the same. On deciding the location for your patio, mark out a rough area where it's going to b e placed.

How to Prepare Your Base

I'm gonna show you how to install the Raj circle kit sandstone Paving, along with the tudor clay pavers. Place your mortar onto a prepared subbase using a six to one mix six parks, sharps, and one park cement. Allow for a 30 to 50 millimeter depth. Apply the slurry onto the back of the circle center disc.

How to Safely Mix Mortar

When using a cement mixer to produce your mortar mixes, start off with the correct personal protective equipment. You need gloves mal protection, eye protection and safety boots as well. For paving mortars, we will use a sharp and we'll use a mix of five to me.

Maintenance of Both Porcelain and Natural Stone Surfaces

Your patio has been a sound investment for you, but you need to maintain and ensure that investment will have a long-term benefit for you. For that, you need to ensure you are maintaining and keeping it in the best condition.

Preparation and Application of Primer Slurry

In the process of laying paving, we actually recommend the use of the application of a slurry primer to the base of natural stone and porcelain tiles. the function of that is to improve the adhesion between the tile base.

How to Lay a Porcelain Patio

I am gonna show you how to lay a porcelain patio , and this range that we are putting in here is the station Black range comes with a range of different accessories For example, you can get these step treads that gives that instant chunky effect.